RMA Policy
VHO Product Warranty, Repair, Restocking and Replacement Policies
We have established the following guidelines with the purpose of clarifying our warranty policy, standard procedures for obtaining technical support and product returns

1.Warranty Terms and Conditions
1.1. Warranty Coverage
  VHO warrants to you, the original purchaser, that each of its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for eighteen (18) months for board-level products and twelve (12) months for display-level products from the date of purchase. Outsourcing products bundled with our products or offered as a resale are limited to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer.
1.2. Dead on Arrival (DOA) Cases
  Any product will be considered DOA if it fails within the first thirty (30) days after purchase. If the boards are purchased as spares, please test them thoroughly when you receive them. Since we do not have control over your storage conditions for our products, VHO will not consider them as DOA past thirty (30) days from the date of original purchase. Consequently, such items will be handled in accordance with the standard warranty. DOA cases are handled with the highest priority. VHO will do everything possible to ensure prompt handling. Please confirm the problem with one of our engineers. Sometimes it is only a configuration problem. Refer to Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of this Guideline for information on how to proceed should you confirm DOA with our engineers.
1.3. Warranty Service
  Because of VHO’s high quality control standards and rigorous testing, most of our customers never need to use our repair service. If our product is found defective during the warranty period, VHO will repair, or at its sole discretion, replace such product free of charge. For out-of-warranty repairs, customer will be billed according to the cost of replacement materials, service time, and freight. All RMA services outside standard warranty period are subject to components availability. Shall any component is discontinued or not available on the market by any means, VHO will not provide any paid services.
1.4. Exclusions from Warranty
  This warranty does not apply to any products which have been repaired or altered by persons other than repair personnel authorized by VHO, or which have been subject to misuse, abuse, accident or improper installation. VHO assumes no liability, under the terms and conditions of this warranty, for any consequences of such events. Consumable items such as LCD backlight, Inverter, Cable and others are not accepted for repair.

2. Repair Procedure
2.1. Obtaining Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number

If you experience problems with our products, please consult our Technical Support first. It is very likely that they might be able to provide solution to the problem so that you do not need to return the products for repair. In case our Application Engineers decide it is necessary to return the products for repair, please apply for RMA Number by contacting (A) VHO Sales Representative if you have obtained our products directly from VHO, or, (B) our distributors if you have obtained our products from them.

In order to shorten the processing time, download the RMA Request Form from HERE for products and HERE for parts; fill it out and forward it to your corresponding VHO Representative. This form is also available from your VHO Representative.

Please describe the problems encountered in detail on the RMA Form. Note that error descriptions such as "does not work" and "failure" are not sufficient. We cannot start the repair without a detailed problem description. If you are uncertain about the cause of the problem, consult with our Application Engineers.

2.2. Returning Products to VHO

If it is necessary to return the products for repair to VHO and only if this has been authorized by VHO Representative, please send the display(s) without any accessories and remove any unnecessary components from the display(s), such as manual, cables etc,. If you think these components might be the part of the problem and would like to include, please note clearly which items are included. Make sure the completed RMA Form with RMA Number is attached. Customers should bear the forwarding charges, and VHO will bear the returning charges. If you require an alternative shipping method, you will be responsible for any additional charges.

DOA (dead on arrival) items, and products being returned for restocking/replacement as explained in Part 3 must be sent along with their original contents and packaging. Products which are incomplete or show signs of abuse or misuse will not be accepted. Refer to the following checklist of items you need to ship:

* Faulty items with unnecessary components and accessories removed (for repair only.
           Include all original package contents for DOA and restocking/replacement)
* Completed RMA Form with RMA Number
* Problem description tag attached to each faulty unit
* Return address and name of receiving person

Please ship to VHO Factory located in China if you have purchased our products directly from us. Contact your local distributor if you have obtained our products from them. Shipping address and contact person for VHO Factory address :

RMA Center

Zhe Jiang ViHonor Opto-Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
No 28, Min Jiang Road,
Jia Shan Economic Development Zone, China
Tel : +86-573-84295691

Please refer to this operation flow for more information about RMA Process.


2.3. Repair Process Duration
  For the products manufactured by VHO, shipment of less than 30 items will take approximately 7-14 working days to repair. For outsourcing products and returns of more than 30 VHO manufactured items, the repair process duration is subject to problem severity and original manufacturer’s policies. The specific duration to be determined on case-by-case basis.
2.4. Applicable Service Fees
  Certain product returns are subject to service charges. Service charges are applicable for all out-of-warranty items, items excluded from warranty as explained in Section 1.4 of this Guideline, and standard repairs/upgrades not covered by our product warranty.
2.5. Sending the Repaired Units back to Customers
  Normally VHO ships RMA returns by regular air or ocean freight (subject to dimension). Shipment via other services such as DHL, UPS or FedEx can be arranged upon request. Should you require any special arrangements, please indicate this when you ship the items to us. Note that in such cases, additional costs are paid by the customer. We will return each unit with a Repair Report, which shows the problem description, repair solution, and repair test environment.
3. Restocking and Replacement Policies
3.1. Return for Credit/Refund Conditions
  All products returned for credit must be returned undamaged and unopened in the original packaging along with all original accessories and other contents within 30 days of original shipment. Products kept longer than this period will not be accepted even if stored in unopened condition. Under no other circumstances products are eligible for return for credit. All products returned for credit are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
3.2. Product Replacement
  Should a customer decide originally acquired VHO product model is not suitable for his/her needs, replacement to other models may be offered at a discount for products undamaged and unopened in the original packaging within 30 days of original shipment. Replacement fee of 15% will be charged for such transactions.
3.3. Restocking and Replacement Procedures
  If customer decides to return our products for refund or replacement and conditions for return in Section 3.1 are met, please refer to Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of this Guideline for information on how to proceed.
4. Additional Information
  If, after consulting with this Guideline, you have more questions regarding our warranty, repair and return policies, please do not hesitate to contact your VHO Representative.
RMA Procedure
RMA Request Form
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